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Breaking Bad: Seasons 1-4 Dvd Box Set

To 'break bad', as says the old colloquialism from the American South, is to go so wrong it's almost impossible to do what's right. Walter White is BREAKING BAD. Recently diagnosed with Type III lung cancer, raising a son with cerebral palsy, and in need of a way to support his family, Walter uses his skills to transform himself from nebbish high-school chemistry teacher to neophyte crystal-meth cook in the blink of an eye. Things become problematic when, not long after Walter and his former student Jesse put together a lucrative cooking operation, the two of them of are assaulted by a pair of drug dealers who accuseWalter of being affiliated with the DEA. But that is just the beginning of his problems. As the tragicomic Walter White, Bryan Cranston (MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE,SEINFELD) deviates from his usual fare to deliver a harrowing, Emmy-winning

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