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11 Apr 2014
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Gardening with the children

Gardening is a fun activity which the children love to get involved in. Not only is it fun but they also have the opportunity to see their plants bloom over time.

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4 Apr 2014
Mini Egg Cookies

Mini Egg Cookies Recipe

Easter baking is always fun especially when combining scrumptious cookies with mini eggs. Will this simple recipe, you can share and enjoy tasty treats this Easter.

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3 Apr 2014
a-z stain removal collage

A-Z of Stain Removal

Not all stains are removed with normal washing and so here are some tips on how to remove many different types of staining.

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2 Apr 2014
Washing Machine

10 Quick Tips For Better Laundry

Cleaning dirty laundry needn’t be a hassle anymore when you follow these 10 tips to keep your clothes looking their best.

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2 Apr 2014
Fabric Softener Collage

The Benefits of Fabric Softeners

Most people think fabric conditioners are just there to make clothes feel soft and smell nice…but they do far more than this!

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2 Apr 2014
laundry problems collage

8 Common Laundry Problems

Washing laundry is not always simple and sometime clothes end up with bobbling or faded colour. This post discusses why common laundry problems happen and how to prevent them.

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2 Apr 2014
potatoes 1

Grow Your Own Potatoes

February – May is the ideal time to plant your potato seeds in time for harvest. Potatoes can be roasted, mashed, made into chips or eaten as jacket potatoes. Here’s how to grow your own.

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31 Mar 2014

What to do in the Garden in April

Daffodils have started to flower and the outdoors is coming alive with greener trees. The longer, sunny days and rising temperatures make it perfect gardening weather this month.

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27 Mar 2014
Easter Events Group

Easter Crafts for a Fiver

Get your kids’ creativity into action with our brilliant Easter craft range. For under a fiver you can buy a selection to suit everyone and provide the kids with hours of fun.

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