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5 Oct 2015

Browse our Christmas 2015 collection

Poundland’s Christmas 2014 collection offers a spectacular range of seasonal style and sophistication. Take a look…

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2 Oct 2015
Halloween with babies

Blackberry and Orange Spider Cake by Jane Asher

Read Jane Asher’s recipe and bake your own scrumptious, blackberry and orange spider cake this Halloween.

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17 Sep 2015

Back to Uni – Shopping Made Easy

Back to Uni Poundland has always been the student’s best friend. We’re amazing value for…

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9 Sep 2015

Sweet Potato, Tuna and Sweetcorn Tarts by Jane Asher

Sweet Potato, Tuna and Sweetcorn Tarts I promised you some ideas for school lunch boxes…

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9 Sep 2015

Sugar Free Flapjacks by Jane Asher

Sugar Free Flapjacks I promised you some ideas for school lunch boxes this month and…

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4 Sep 2015

How to Clean an Iron: A Step-by-Step Guide

You’ll get the best ironing results if you use a clean iron! Read these tips from Cleanipedia.

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1 Sep 2015

What to do in the Garden in September

September is a much cooler month than August and the days are noticeably shorter as Summer changes into Autumn. Here is what we are doing in the garden in September.

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31 Aug 2015
macmillan 28 08 15 (3)

WIN with scratchcards!

We offer a fantastic selection of instant win games for just £1 that are produced by Rieves Lotteries Ltd.

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21 Aug 2015
Raspberry cupcakes with rich buttercream frosting 1

Raspberry Cupcakes by Jane Asher

Bake your own raspberry filled cupcakes using Jane Asher’s recipe.

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10 Aug 2015

Putting Up Shelves and Hanging Pictures

Learn how to put up shelves and hang a picture with these tips from Tommy Walsh.

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