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21 Aug 2015
Raspberry cupcakes with rich buttercream frosting 1

Raspberry Cupcakes by Jane Asher

Bake your own raspberry filled cupcakes using Jane Asher’s recipe.

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10 Aug 2015

Putting Up Shelves and Hanging Pictures

Learn how to put up shelves and hang a picture with these tips from Tommy Walsh.

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29 Jul 2015

What to do in the Garden in August

August is generally hot with the odd thunderstorm as the weather can become quite humid. Here is what we are doing in the garden in August.

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24 Jul 2015
Spicey Homemade Barbecue Sauce with onions and seasoning

Jane’s Cheat’s Barbecue Sauce

Make your own barbecue sauce in five minutes using Jane Asher’s recipe.

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17 Jul 2015

10 Travel Packing Tips

Packing everything you need for your holiday while also trying to travel light can be quite a challenge. Watch our video for 10 handy tips.

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15 Jul 2015
Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist

Print out this holiday checklist for an easy shopping trip.

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15 Jul 2015
Travel LF Group

Travel Beauty Essentials

At Poundland we have a range of beauty items perfect for travelling and putting into your hand luggage. Here are our 10 must-haves.

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14 Jul 2015
Ice Cream Poster 2015

Ice Cream at Poundland!

Here are a list of our stores which you can buy ice cream from.

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13 Jul 2015
Fast adhesive

DIY:time with Tommy Walsh Fast Adhesive

Watch our DIY:time with Tommy Walsh fast adhesive at work!

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10 Jul 2015
Iced Buns

Iced Buns Recipe by Jane Asher

Simple and delicious, these old-fashioned buns are great as a treat and there’s nothing quite like home-made bread.

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