25 Feb 2011

Camping checklists for fab holidays!!



Camping is a difficult type of holiday to prepare for and if you forget important things, it is never that easy to pop to the local shop and pick them up!!   So we say, make a checklist before you go and stick to it!  If you pop down to Poundland, we have a great range to get you on your way with the essentials – and everything is just £1!  I think camping is really fun so doing the preparation beforehand really pays off! 

In store now you will find deluxe compass, lightweight torches and binoculars to make your way to the camp site. Plus enamel eating accessories and cutlery, groundsheets and foldaway camping stools for your fabulous camping experience.

If you fancy a read of other camping essentials you should not go without, take a look at this article for some more hints and tips! HAPPY CAMPING!!

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