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9 Feb 2016
Easter Lifestyle 4

Mini Egg Cookies Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe to bake these tasty Easter treats and share them with your family and friends.

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9 Feb 2016
Easter Lifestyle 3

Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Chocolate Easter egg nest cakes are easy to make and a great way of getting the kids involved with baking.

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19 Mar 2015
Easter Nest

Easter Nest Cake by Jane Asher

Bake your own delicious, chocolate flavoured Easter nest cake using Jane Asher’s recipe.

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18 Mar 2015
Simnel Cake resize

Jane’s Simnel Cake

Read Jane Asher’s Easter recipe on how to bake your own fruity and traditional Simnel cake.

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11 Mar 2015

Easter crafting for the kids!

If you’re entertaining the kids this Easter and want them to get their creativity flowing, here are our ideas…

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24 Feb 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

What’s an Easter party without a Egg Hunt? Putting on the best Easter Egg Hunt shouldn’t have to be expensive.

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20 Feb 2015

Easter craft videos

At Poundland we’ve got Easter crafts cracked! Watch our videos to see what you can create using our Easter make your own kits.

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22 Jan 2015

Easter 2016 at Poundland

Our Easter range will be in stores from 4th February but here’s a sneak peek…

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27 Mar 2014
Easter Events Group

Easter Crafts for a Fiver

Get your kids’ creativity into action with our brilliant Easter craft range. For under a fiver you can buy a selection to suit everyone and provide the kids with hours of fun.

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14 Mar 2014

Easy Easter Bonnet

The Easter bonnet is a true staple of Easter celebrations and there are many ways you can make an Easter Bonnet. From paper plates to straw hats, whatever you do use your child’s creativity to lead the way.

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