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30 Aug 2017

Crazy Creature Pencils By The Crafty Beggars

These crazy creature pencils are a great way to go back to school in style!

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10 Jul 2017

‘Thank You Teacher’ Gift Ideas

Check out these cool gift ideas we’ve spotted on Pinterest for the kids to make for their teacher!

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25 May 2017

Picnic in the park

Have a stress-free picnic in the park with these helpful tips.

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24 Jul 2016

Your weatherproof guide to kids activities

We’ve put together a guide to sunny activities and their rainy day alternative.

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24 Feb 2016

Easter crafting for the kids!

If you’re entertaining the kids this Easter and want them to get their creativity flowing, here are our ideas…

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25 Nov 2015

Festive Candy Cane Marshmallows

These candy cane marshmallow sticks look festive and colourful and are so easy to make with the kids.

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25 Nov 2015

Candy Cane Snowman

Kids will love to make these two easy and fun candy cane snowmen which you can eat or use for decorations.

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