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25 May 2017

Picnic in the park

Have a stress-free picnic in the park with these helpful tips.

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18 Mar 2017
cake pops

Vanilla Pop Cakes

In this video Jane Asher shows you how to make your own cake pops.

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9 Nov 2016
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Stained Glass Cookie Decorations by Jane Asher

Read Jane Asher’s recipe on how to make your own colourful stained glass cookie decorations.

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27 Sep 2016

Blackberry and Orange Spider Cake by Jane Asher

Read Jane Asher’s recipe and bake your own scrumptious, blackberry and orange spider cake this Halloween.

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27 Sep 2016
cake pops

Halloween Cake Pops by Jane Asher

Cake pops can be transformed into all kinds of interesting objects and creatures for Halloween! If you want to bake some scary (and tasty) treats for everyone to enjoy, Jane Asher’s recipe is for you.

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24 Aug 2016
fairy cakes

Orange Butterfly Cakes

“These are an old fashioned take on cupcakes, and look very pretty on the tea table. Replace the orange zest and juice with lemon if you prefer.” – Jane Asher

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24 Jul 2016

Your weatherproof guide to kids activities

We’ve put together a guide to sunny activities and their rainy day alternative.

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26 Apr 2016
Mallow Krispies

Mallow-Krispy Squares by Jane Asher

Quick to make and very quick to disappear at a party or special tea, Jane Asher shares her recipe for Mallow-Krispy Squares.

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16 Mar 2016
Easter Chicks square

Easter Chicks by Jane Asher

These are great for giving the children something to do at Easter time – they taste great too and look fantastic on the table for a special tea.

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15 Mar 2016
Easter Nest

Easter Nest Cake by Jane Asher

Bake your own delicious, chocolate flavoured Easter nest cake using Jane Asher’s recipe.

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