9 Nov 2016

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake

Full page - chocolate xmas pud cakeHappy December! This recipe is a fun way of making a chocolate cake look like a Christmas pudding. It’s one of my early ideas and is really useful if you have someone in the family who doesn’t like fruit cake (or Christmas pudding!)

See you in January

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  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160°C (145°C fan assisted, 325°F, gas mark 3). Make up the cake mix and pour into a well greased and floured 2 litre ovenproof glass bowl.
  2. Bake for 35-45 minutes, checking to the bottom of the bowl with a sharp knife to check if it is cooked – if the knife comes out clean it is done. Be careful to put the bowl on a cloth or mat when you remove it from the oven. Don’t put it on a cold surface – it may crack or explode!
  3. Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake b)Allow the cake to cool in the bowl for a few minutes, then turn it out – loosening it round the side with a knife if necessary – onto a rack to cool completely.
  4. Make up the chocolate icing into butter icing as directed. Half the cake horizontally with a sharp, serrated knife and sandwich it back together with about a quarter of the icing.
  5. Spread the rest all over the cake.
  6. Stud the sides with the chocolate chips, putting the ‘pointy’ sides into the cake. Chill Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cake c)the cake for a few minutes.
  7. Make up the vanilla icing into glace icing as directed – keeping it thick enough to slowly ooze but not letting it get too runny. Spoon onto the top of the chilled cake, encouraging it into attractive ‘drips’.
  8. Roll out the green icing and cut a few holly leaves. Allow them to dry on crushed foil to give them curves, then push into the white icing. Add a few tiny red icing berries.

Full page - chocolate xmas pud cake

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