16 Mar 2016

Easter Chicks by Jane Asher

Easter Chicks squareEaster Chicks

These are great for giving the children something to do at Easter time – they taste great too and look fantastic on the table for a special tea. I suggest you share them between two for serving – as each one is made up of two cupcakes, a pop cake and a good portion of icing you don’t want to overload everyone with butter and sugar, especially as there are probably Easter eggs around as well!

Love, Jane x


Makes 6

You Will Need

  • Bun tin
  • Pop cake mould (available in-store)


1. Pre-heat the oven to 180°C (170°C fan, gas mark 4). Make up the cup cake mix as directed on the pack. Use it to fill to just under the brims six semi-spheres of a pop cake mould (the ones without the tiny holes in). Divide the rest of the mix between the 12 paper cases, placed in a bun tin. They will be a little less full than usual but that’s fine.

2. Bake for 15-20 mins, until the cakes are risen and golden and the pop cakes are filling the spheres and beginning to colour.

3. Allow to cool while you make up the buttercream, by beating together the butter and icing sugar, adding a little hot water as necessary to give a fluffy icing. Beat in a few drops of yellow colour.

4. Take 6 cakes out of their paper cases and stick them upside down on to the other six cakes with a little icing. Unmould the pop cakes (don’t worry if they’re not perfect – you can see mine weren’t!)

Chicks 1 square Chicks 2 square

5. Spread the twin cupcakes all over with more icing, then roll in yellow strands.

Chicks 3 square Chicks 4 square

6. Spread the pop cakes with icing (this is a bit fiddly – don’t worry if the cakes break up – just mould them into shape, together with the icing, in your hands. Stick the covered pop cakes to the top of the cup cakes with a blob of icing.

Chicks 5 square Chicks 6 square

7. Roll out a little yellow icing on a work surface dusted with icing sugar and cut out wings by cutting out serrated circles and cutting into quarters.

Chicks 7 Chicks 8

8. Allow to dry so that they harden a little. Cut tiny diamond shapes from red icing and stick in place for beaks, pressing them into folds with the blade of a knife.

Chicks 10 square Chicks 11 square

9. Make slits in the sides of the chicks and add the wings. To finish and make the eyes, add choc drops.

Easter Chicks square

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