29 Jun 2017

July Gardening Tips By Charlie Dimmock

C Dimmock_0191General garden maintenance

  • Ponds are in full growth now but in the hot weather you need to keep oxygenating weed thinned out to stop there being an oxygen deficit at night. Also pull out blanket weed regularly.
  • Liquid feed – containers, tomatoes and house plants every ten to fourteen days for healthy new growth, flowers and fruit. Always follow the dilution instructions – adding extra can actually damage plants.
  • Summer prune wisteria by cutting back the long whippy tendrils by two thirds this will help build up flowering shoots for the spring.
  • Hollyhocks are lovely colourful cottage plants but lookout for rust (orange or brown patches on the underside of leaves and yellowing on the top) – cut off affected leaves and spray the remaining leaves with fungicide.
  • Treat perennial weeds like ground elder and bindweed with a glyphosate based weed killer as this will go down into the root, so it’s less likely to come back however you may need to repeat the treatment.
  • Keep on top of dead–heading, especially summer bedding so that your plants keep producing new blooms through until the end of summer.

Flowers and plants

  • Plant up potatoes in large pots or vegetable bags now, that way you’ll have new potatoes ready to harvest come Christmas time.
  • Herbs put on a lot of growth at this time of the year so it’s a great time to harvest them – of course use them fresh but there’s normally way more than you can actually use – dry or freeze the excess for the winter time.
  • Plant out autumn and winter vegetables like leeks, Brussel sprouts, and winter cabbage – with all the brassicas (cabbage family) make sure that you firm them in well as they don’t grow as well if the soil is loose round their roots.
  • Pick courgettes and marrows regularly, that way you’ll be harvesting them at their best as well as helping the plant to produce more – and the flowers can also be eaten.
  • Give house plants a boost and freshen up their foliage by popping them outside, in a sheltered and lightly shaded spot – move back inside by the end of August.

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