2 May 2017

May Gardening Tips By Charlie Dimmock

C Dimmock_0191“Although it’s been sunny and quite dry (keep on top of watering) don’t be fooled into planting out summer bedding until the end of May and if you’re in a colder area it’s worth waiting until the beginning of June so plants don’t get damaged on colder nights.” – Charlie Dimmock

General garden maintenance

  • Get lawns in tip top condition by using a weed and feed product, re-cut border edges and over May slowly drop the height of cut.
  • If you’ve had problems with blackspot on your roses now is the time to start spraying with a systemic fungicide to help prevent it re-occurring.
  • Dead head daffodils and tulips as they go over but leave the foliage on (don’t tie it up) to feed the bulb ready for flowering next year.
  • Green houses can get really hot on a sunny day which can “stress” seedlings and young plants – open vents (windows) during the day but remember to close them early evening.
  • Ponds will be coming to life now – pull out any blanket- weed (algae) but leave it on the edge of the pond to allow wildlife to crawl back into the water.
  • Look out for pests like Lily beetle on Viburnum, Rosemary and Lily – pick off the larvae. Tackle the first infestations of aphids by squashing them or using an insecticide.

Flowers and plants

  • Plant up hanging baskets and containers with summer bedding but keep them protected until there’s no chance of overnight frosts or cold winds.
  • If you haven’t already done so pot up Dahlia and Canna to give colour late in summer.
  • It’s not too late to plant potatoes but get them in as soon as you can and if you already have potatoes in the ground keep “earthing” them up.
  • Start off vegetable seeds like Tomatoes, Chilli and pumpkins in a propagator to get the best germination and grow on inside in small pots.

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