29 Sep 2016

Meringue and Chocolate Skulls by Jane Asher

Meringue and Chocolate Skulls

Meringue skullsThese meringue and chocolate skulls will look great on the tea table. With some cream and fruit on the side they’ll taste delicious.

I found a simple drawing of a skull on the internet to use as a template for piping the skulls about 10cm vertically which is about right for a single portion, but you could always make smaller bite-sized ones – or one huge one for the centre of the table. Serve with whipped double cream and perhaps some raspberries or strawberries.

Jane x


(Makes 6)

  • Egg whites from 2 medium eggs
  • 100g castor sugar
  • 1 tsp white wine vinegar
  • 120g dark chocolate, in drops or chopped



Meringues Pic 11. Put a sheet of non-stick baking parchment over the skull drawing and trace it onto the paper. Turn the paper upside down and place onto a large baking tray.

2. Pre-heat the oven to 115°C (100°C fan assisted, gas mark ¼)

3. Whip the egg whites until very stiff, then add the sugar and vinegar and whisk again, until it’s almost as stiff as before (don’t worry, you won’t taste the vinegar once they’re cooked)

Meringues Pic 24. Using a large piping bag fitted with a medium/large plain nozzle (or cut the end off a disposable bag) pipe the skull outline onto the baking paper, then fill in the centre. Keep back the remaining meringue.

Meringues Pic 35. Bake for about 1 hour, then add another layer of meringue to add cheekbones and forehead etc to the skulls. Bake for a further 3 hours or so, depending on how chewy you like them . Allow to cool for a few minutes on the paper, then carefully peel them off and cool them completely on a rack.

6. In a bowl over simmering hot water, melt the dark chocolate. Place in a piping bag fitted with a small plain nozzle and pipe eyes, nostrils and teeth onto the skulls.

Meringue skulls

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