7 Dec 2016

Star-Burst Christmas Cake

Star-Burst Christmas Cake

Star-Burst CakeThis is how I’ve decorated the lightly fruited cake for which I gave you the recipe last month – better without marzipan I felt so I’ve put icing straight onto the cake itself. To decorate a richer, more traditional Christmas cake just use the same idea but with marzipan first.

I’ve featured this ‘pop-up’ idea many times since I first designed it about thirty years ago. It’s fun for birthdays too, especially if you cut large glittery numbers out of icing and have them bursting out of the cake with some brightly coloured stars.

Covering the cake directly with icing looks very bumpy but as you’re going to smother it with stars it won’t show.



  • 1 x 22cm round cake
  • Apricot jam, sieved and mixed with a little water
  • 850g marzipan (optional)
  • 1kg white roll out icing
  • Gold and silver edible glitter
  • Lollipop or pop cake sticks and/or cocktail sticks
  • Icing sugar for dusting


1. Brush the entire surface of the cake with a little jam. On a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, roll out a small piece of icing and cut a circle about 8cm diameter. Stick it to the centre of the top of the cake.

Star 2 Star 3

2. Roll out most of the remaining icing to a circle large enough to cover the cake, keeping back enough to cut stars. Roll it onto the pin and unroll it over the cake, smoothing it over the top and sides with your hands. (If using marzipan, do this step first with marzipan, before adding the centre circle of icing, then brush the surface of the marzipan with a little water and cover, in the same way, with the centre circle and the rest of the cake in roll out icing).

Star 4 Star 5

3. With a sharp knife, cut carefully through the top layer of icing above the circle, and pull back little shards. Cut further, larger shards and stick them in place with a little water, propping them up with small pieces of kitchen paper or foil so they dry without falling. Leave to dry.

Star 6 Star 7 Star 8 Star 9

4. Roll out the remaining icing. Rub half of it with gold glitter and half with silver glitter. Cut out about 45 stars altogether, varying the sizes if you wish.

Star 10 Star 11

5. Stick all but 16-18 stars onto the cake with a little water. Moisten half of the remaining stars with a little water and place a pop stick or cocktail stick on top. Cover with another star and allow to dry and harden.

Star 12 Star 13

6. Gently push the sticks into the centre of the cake.

Star-Burst Cake

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