13 Feb 2012

Tuck into a Valentine’s dinner for just £4 at Poundland!

Having bought the present and the perfect card to go with it, next on the list this Valentine’s Day is a romantic meal. Many restaurants help out with Valentine’s Day set menus, but these are often ruined when the bill arrives!

With meal ideas for every palette, Poundland can help you have a romantic meal this Valentine’s Day at a price that’s affordable. With ideas for every course, and drinks too, you can woo your Valentine for just £4!

Check out the menu below…

STARTER: Heinz Tomato Soup £1 OR Weight Watchers Soup £1


 MAIN COURSE: Batchelors Pasta N Sauce Chicken & Mushroom 2 for £1 OR Wikinger Smoked Pork Sausage £1

DESSERT: Cadbury Mallows 10 pack OR Fox’s Whipped Cram Biscuits

DRINK:Diet Pepsi 1.25 litre Bottle £1 OR Robinsons Orange Squash £1

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Valentine's Day