6 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day Ideas

imagesFebruary isn’t always the best month for your budget so Valentine’s day may be one of those luxuries you sacrifice.

To help keep the love alive and help you save a few pennies we have put a few Valentine’s day ideas together that are low cost or better still cost nothing to show your loved one you care.

What I love about you

Get your creative juices flowing and write down all the reasons you love this amazing person in your life. It costs nothing and guaranteed to give your loved one an ego boost, great as part of a “love box” or placed in a mason jar or heart box. You can integrate them as part of a game which leads to a dinner (or somewhere else), or simply text them to your loved one throughout the day.

Love Vouchers

Another creative idea to give to your love, simply write on some card or paper, or print out the love vouchers template ”This voucher is good for…”. Some ideas include: foot massage, dinner, hug, kisses, breakfast in bed etc. Follow up with your promise!

The way to your love’s heart is through their stomach!

Food is an aphrodisiac! Why not cook your way to your love’s heart. Here are a few ideas to get you going: Cook your loved one breakfast in bed, add a little love note for that romantic touch. Or how about a picnic, this can be outdoors or in, grab a bottle of bubbly and chill together on a blanket. How about cooking some heart shaped cookies? Or how about trying to make some heart shaped chocolates using a chocolate mould and your love’s favourite chocolate simply melt down and pour into the mould and freeze to harden.

Say I love you with a Photo book

Find all the photos of the two of you together, the places you have been and any photos that would remind your love of you together. If you have your own printer you can digitally print them onto photo paper and put them in an album or you can get them printed, or have a photo book made with the images you choose. 


Poundland have some great Valentines gifts, cards and accessories for everyone, take a look!

If you have any ideas you would like to share, leave a reply below.

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