30 Apr 2015

What to do in the Garden in May

May-Gardening-Great-IdeasSummer is on its way as the bulbs are fading and borders are growing.

May is one of the driest times of the year which means an ideal consistency for seed sowing. However that also means it is important to ensure your seedlings have enough water.

Here is what we are doing in the garden in May.

General garden maintenance

  • 101545_1Mow the lawn regularly as the temperature rises and grass growth increases.
  • Regularly hoe off any weeds.
  • Feed and protect your garden with liquid feeds and rose food.
  • Bring some personality to the garden with ornaments and garden decorations.
  • Check for nesting birds before clipping any hedges.

What to sow and grow this month

  • 122837Direct sow sunflowers, poppies and cornflower outdoors to attract bees, butterflies and wildlife.
  • Sow candy tuft around edges to create colour.
  • Sow cauliflower seeds under cover.
  • Plant out summer bedding at the end of the month (except in cold areas).
  • Earth up potatoes and plant any still remaining.

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