1 Oct 2017

Witch Face Paint Step-by-Step

Witch face paint

Creating a Halloween costume doesn’t have to break the bank, we have put together a step by step guide on how to create an adult Witch face painting.

The Witch is a popular Halloween costume because you can get so many accessories to complete the Witch look and in many different colours too.

Witch face paint step by step




Step 1.

Using the green face paint, paint the whole face green and try to avoid getting paint in the eyes by keeping them closed whilst covering, avoid the lips. To get a consistent coverage, you may need to apply twice.




Step 2. 

Add detail by giving the eyebrows additional definition by drawing in lines.

You can draw spider webs on the face and add a little spider for detail. Or leave the cheeks blank and add a big mole. You can add lashes as part of your costume – we have added some purple feather eyelashes which you can purchase in store.


Step 3.

To finish the Witch look you can get a hat and Witch’s hair from Poundland. We also used a Witch’s broomstick and spider jewellery.


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