Summer Activities

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Shop online at Poundland this half term. We’ve great ideas to help you keep the kids busy from crafting to baking. It's quick and easy as everything is all in one place. Need an idea to keep them entertained? Whatever your plan we've got it covered, all within budget!

Keep Them Entertained + Show Hide -

Don't let the school holidays drag you down... at Poundland you can make them great fun without costing a fortune. These games will keep everyone happy, especially on those boring rainy days!

    A Day Of Baking + Show Hide -

    Learning to bake can be brilliant fun, and you don't have to spend loads of dough! Whether it's tasty cakes or healthy eating is up to you, and who knows... you might have the next master baker on your hands!

      Crafty Kids... why don't you? + Show Hide -

      What happened to those old TV programmes that actually taught us how to make things... do they still exist? Revive those great summer holidays with your very own craft sessions, and visit our Great Ideas pages for inspiration.

        Take A Break + Show Hide -

        All this holiday fun is hard work... you'll all need to get your energy back, with some quick breaks or some good food that doesn't get in the way. At Poundland we have a fantastic range of food and drinks from top brands, all at amazing value.

          And If All Else Fails... + Show Hide -

 a movie! Sometimes, it's a great way for everyone to get together. Wet afternoons, big nights in, or cozy sleepovers, there's something for everyone with our Replay DVDs, at a fraction of the price of a cinema ticket.