Whizz-Kids – £36,000 could pay for 10 pieces of equipment for young wheelchair users


What Poundland fundraising in 2017 could achieve for us:

£36,000 could pay for 10 pieces of equipment for young wheelchair users. 

Whizz-KidsCase study:

Joshua, a sporty teenage boy, aspires to be a Paralympian and currently competes in both wheelchair rugby and fencing. His condition means he is unable to walk unaided so relies on crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair at all times.

In March 2017, Whizz-Kidz provided a new manual wheelchair for Joshua to help him participate in his sporting passions and to enable him to be more independent when going out with friends and family. Mobility Therapist Amanda worked with Josh and his family to identify, fit and handover the right piece of equipment to meet his needs.

Josh’s mum, Caroline, feels that the NHS previously only looked at his physical condition and age when assessing which wheelchair was right for him, but his interest in sports and other social activities were ignored. Whizz-Kidz Therapists take a holistic approach when assessing the needs of young people, and take their hobbies, home and school environment and social life into account when selecting the right piece of equipment to give them maximum independence and opportunity to reach their true potential.

Caroline says “Joshua did not enjoy being pushed around in his old chair, and thought it made him stand out. Being a teenager, he just wants to feel normal when he’s out with his friends.

Joshua’s new chair has had an effect on him mentally and emotionally. Being a teenager is not easy, and being a teenage wheelchair user comes with even more challenges. Joshua’s new manual wheelchair has given him more confidence in himself and made going out with friends a lot easier.

 “Joshua is so much happier with his new wheelchair. I don’t have to push him anymore. He can keep up with us and he doesn’t have to rely on anyone. He is much more independent.”

Josh’s new equipment has also made taking part in his favourite hobbies much easier. Caroline says, “Now he can train and warm up for his sports. Before, he couldn’t go a certain speed in his old chair. He is able to warm up and physically get prepared to move into his sport wheelchair.”

Joshua said, “My manual wheelchair gives me more independence, I can train in it because it is very agile, and it makes me look better than my NHS wheelchair.”

Joshua recently travelled to Warsaw, Poland to represent Great Britain and compete in the Wheelchair Fencing World Cup, where he earned a bronze medal. His mum believes that the Paralympics could be on the horizon for Joshua. Thanks to the help of his new manual wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz, Joshua is on track to pursue his dreams.

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