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Ambi Pur 3volution Air Freshener Plug-in 20ml

Ambi Pur 3Volution Air Freshener Plug-In Starter Kit with Odourclear technology continuously cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent forup to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting). Cotton Fresh fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton. Let a sense of calmenvelop you as this clean & gentle scent fills the air. With normal plugs we getused to scents quickly, which means we eventually stop noticing the scent aroundus. Ambi Pur 3Volution air fresheners solve this problem by continuously & automatically alternating every 45 minutes between 3 complementary, high qualityscents, for a continuous fresh experience.

PL_5Ambi Pur 3volution Air Freshener Plug-in 20ml