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Bold 3in1 Pods Washing Capsules Lotus Flower 25w

3in1 PODs: Irresistible experience: 1. Cleans 2. Freshens 3. Softens. Remember Monday morning blues? Those Bold 2in1 Washing Capsules are the exact opposite. Clean, crisp and natural, its scent feels like that cool summer evenings somehowsoaked into your fabrics. Or like the cool glow emitted of earth as viewed from space. A beautiful scent mixing refreshing Lotus Flower and Water Lily with BlueForget Me Not and Star Flowers with crisp aromatic notes. Use Bold 2in1 Washing Capsules together with Lenor fabric conditioners for an extra boost of softness and freshness to complement your favourite Bold liquitab fragrance. And if you really are crazy about scent, then we recommend trying Lenor Fabric Enhancers ontop of your favourite Bold 2in1 Washing Capsules.

1 for £5.00Bold 3in1 Pods Washing Capsules Lotus Flower 25w