Company Introduction

Poundland StoreIn just over 25 years since our first store opened, Poundland continues to be the high street trend-setter and is one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing value & discount retailer, with many products at the single price of £1. Poundland has proven that it’s possible to not just survive but thrive on the struggling high street, thanks to our successful retail proposition, ambitious growth strategy and top brands.

Poundland continues to push the boundaries of the discount sector and has created many more customer advocates as a result. Pragma research showed that 50% of UK residents have visited a Poundland store and HIM revealed that 95% of customers would recommend Poundland to friends and family.

Experience, sound systems and customer focus

It is undoubtedly the efficiency of Poundland’s management systems, a wealth of buying and selling experience and a flair for recognising the needs of the customer which places the company ahead of other retailers in the sector. It is those same characteristics that guarantee Poundland a major role in the future of modern retailing.

The Future

So what does the future look like for Poundland? Industry research shows that the discount channel is growing fast. Poundland has ambitious plans and expects to continue being at the forefront of this sector growth.

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