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Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Liquid Cleaner 750ml

Getting your toilet clean is as easy as chilling on a pond. Duck Fresh Action Gel Dazzling Petals toilet stain remover sanitises your toilet in three simple steps, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The uniquely shaped neck of this strong toilet cleaner ? inspired by yours truly ? allows you to better reach under the toilet RIM, leaving your entire toilet bowl clean by removing limescale, mineral deposits and toilet ring stains. Eliminate unpleasant odours with a fresh, long-lasting Dazzling Petals fragrance that you?ll want to splash your feathers in. (Although for non-feathered humans that is certainly not recommended. Or so I?m told to say). Toilet cleaning isn't rocket science, it's Duck Science.

£1.00Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Liquid Cleaner 750ml