30 Mar 2017

10 activities for 10 days. Easter holidays cracked!

Day 1 – Make an Easter Bonnet

Making Easter bonnets is a must! The kids can get creative and add all sorts of decorations to their bonnet such as chicks, lambs, glitter and more without having to spend loads. Take a look at what our customers have made and click here to read our Easter Bonnet tips.

Easter Bonnet Lifestyle Pink

Day 2 – Make your own Easter garden in a bowl

The Crafty Beggars make a magical ‘Easter garden in a bowl’ using products from Poundland in this video. Check it out and make your own with the kids! Click here for more information and a list of what you need.

Day 3 – Decorating Easter Eggs

Use our egg decorating kit to make your own Easter characters! It includes accessories such as beads, bows and more. Watch this video for inspiration.

Day 4 – Easter Egg Hunt

Get the kids playing and interacting with an Easter egg hunt. You won’t have to spend loads to have a fun egg hunt as we’ve got an Easter egg hunt kit, chocolates and Easter crafts for only £1! Click here to read out Easter egg hunt tips.

Easter Egg Hunt Lifestyle

Day 5 – Bake an Easter Simnel Cake

Easter cakes not only taste great but are colourful and cute too! Click the image for Jane Asher’s Simnel Cake recipe, the kids will love helping out!


Day 6 – Baking Easter Treats

For Easter treats which are quick and easy to make, these mini egg cookies and chocolate Easter nests are perfect. Click on each picture for the recipe.

Easter Lifestyle 4 Easter Lifestyle 3

Day 7 – Gardening

Now that it’s Spring why not get the kids involved with some gardening? Gardening expert Charlie Dimmock shares her tips for gardening with kids in this video. Click here to view Charlie Dimmock’s new gardening range exclusively from Poundland.

Day 8 – Indoor picnic or Easter party

While it’s not Summer just yet, have an indoor picnic or an Easter party to keep the kids entertained. We’ve got Easter themed tableware which will brighten up the room and we even have Easter crackers!

Eater Table Set

Day 9 – Drawing and Colouring

Drawing and colouring can be therapeutic as well as fun. Whether you need colouring books or want to let the kids create their own images, click here to view our art and crafts range.

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Day 10 – Movie games

Do they love to watch films? Make the film more interesting by asking questions afterwards as a little quiz. That way they’ll stay engaged and you can learn more about what they enjoyed! Click here to view Disney DVDs online.

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