20 Feb 2018

7 Breakfast In Bed Tips

Mother’s Day is Mum’s day to relax and be looked after so why not treat her to breakfast in bed? Here are 7 tips to help you out.

Mothers Day Breakfast in Bed

  1. Make it personal – What’s Mum’s favourite breakfast? Whether it’s a full English or simply jam on toast, get creative and add a touch of love by making heart shapes with the food or spelling out ‘Mum.’
  2. Prepare the night before – Save time so that you can have everything ready before Mum wakes up. If you’re making pancakes, measure out the ingredients so that you only have to mix them in the morning. Also cut up fresh fruit such as strawberries to save yourself doing it in the morning.
  3. Use a breakfast tray – Mum can lounge in bed and eat and drink everything easily if it’s all in a breakfast tray. You can also use a small food tray to keep soft-boiled eggs and toast neatly presented.
  4. Dessert for breakfast? – It’s a morning to indulge without feeling guilty so if Mum loves a treat (or two) why not include some croissants and Nutella or a slice of her favourite cake?
  5. Don’t spill anything! – Carrying a tray upstairs can be tricky business so don’t fill anything to the brim. We’re sure Mum will be proud when she sees how tidy her breakfast looks!
  6. Brew a cuppa – If you’re tea making skills aren’t the best, the fact that it’s in a new mug will make up for it.
  7. Flowers because… – all Mums love flowers! Not only will our clear vase and rose add the finishing touch to your tray, it’ll also make a pretty gift for her home.

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