Camping Checklist

May 21 2015

Camping Checklist

Camping is an exciting adventure, whether it’s for quality time with the family or if you’re going to a festival.

To help with your shopping and to ensure you have the essentials, we’ve created a camping checklist – simply print this checklist in the link (or click on the image below) and tick each one off as you go along. To make it even easier, we’ve put a £1 roundel next to the items that you can buy from Poundland.
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You’ll need tent accessories to put your tent up. We have a ground sheet for you, tent pegs to hold the tent up and a mallet to help. The extra pair of hands to help assemble it though is all up to you!

Clothing & Comfort

Cooking & Cleaning

You may need

  • It’s always best to stay prepared with a first aid kit and some plasters. You never know who might end up needing them after trying to put up the tent!
  • A travel clock will help you keep track of time.
  • You can still look glamorous whilst camping by keeping a hair brush and mirror handy.
  • Cash machines will be sparse but you can keep money close with a money bag.


  • Batteries are a must if you’re aiming to capture every moment with your camera.
  • With a torch nearby you won’t be left in the dark.
  • Even though camping involves being outdoors and one with nature, earphones come in handy if you choose to listen to your music rather than the background noise of wildlife.
  • If you’d rather stay away from technology, you can have fun with dominoes and dice or read a book so that your imagination can take you wherever you want to go.


  • If you’re stuck for time and need a quick meal fix, take some snacks and noodles for the stay.
  • Pack some energy drinks if you want to be sure not to miss out on any festival partying.
  • You could really get into the camping spirit with some marshmallows to roast!

Poundland has an amazing value Camping range, take a look! If you have any ideas you would like to share, leave a reply below. Remember to Like Us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up to receive our newsletter if you want to keep up to date with all the Summer offers and competitions!

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