25 Nov 2015

Clear Bauble Ideas

Get creative and personalise your Christmas tree decorations with these three ideas.


Melted Snowman Baubles

This bauble is a quirky decoration for your Christmas tree as it looks like a snowman has melted inside of it!

  1. Break up some black plasticine and roll out two balls for the eyes, two long sticks for the arms and six small sticks which will make fingers for each hand
  2. Use orange plasticine to make the nose and any colour plasticine to make the scarf
  3. Detach the top of the bauble and place each part of the snowman inside the bauble carefully using tweezers

Photo Baubles

This bauble is sentimental and will make your Christmas tree really special and unique

  1. Cut out a photograph of your choice, we have measured our photo 8cm by 8cm
  2. Roll the photograph with the photo facing outwards so that it fits into the bauble and place the photograph inside
  3. Use a pick or skewer to help straighten out the photograph so that you can see it clearly

Tinsel Baubles

This tinsel filled bauble is so easy to make and adds an extra sparkle to the Christmas tree

  1. Cut a piece of tinsel as long as it needs to be to fill the clear, round bauble
  2. Remove the top on the bauble and place the tinsel inside so that it’s filled and then place the top back on
  3. Now you have a sparkly, tinsel bauble which you’ve made yourself! Make as many as you like to put onto your tree

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