Festival Essentials

Jun 17 2019

Festival Essentials

It’s festival season! Time to enjoy the music and have a good party. Get your shopping list ready and check out our list of festival essentials. 

Face gems – The festival must-have! Choose from our different styles to feel bold and glam while you party all day and night!

Glitter – The more glitter, the better! Glitter on your face along cheekbones and in a hair parting are easy and effective. If you want to really glitter up why not put it on your body too!

Body spray – Feel fresh and cool down with a quick spritz whenever you need.

Ponchos – British Summer…will it be sunny or will it rain? Who knows?! Enjoy the party and be prepared for any rain with a poncho.

Paper soap – Who’d have thought soap could be so compact? Scrub up whenever you need to with handy paper soap.

Hand sanitiser – Festivals are fun but they’re not the most hygienic, eek! Keep some hand sanitiser on you for a quick refresh.

Condoms – You never who you’re going to meet! Stay safe and have fun.

Ear plugs – Loud music everywhere and we love it! Use ear plugs if the music is too loud where you’re partying or to help get yourself to sleep if camping.

Big bags – Not only can you use them to throw your rubbish in, but you can save your outfit with them too by using one to sit on if the grass is muddy.

Glow sticks – What’s a party without glow sticks?! Get a pack of 20 for only £1 in-store.


Stay hydrated – All of that dancing, sunshine and alcohol can be dehydrating. Keep some water on you to sip on.

Keep all valuables and cash close by – zipped pockets or a money bag will be best. Also leave any expensive clothes, jewellery and shoes at home as they will most likely get dirty or ruined.

Don’t take more than you need – it can be tempting but as long as you have your essentials and enough change of clothes, you won’t need to take so much with you.

HAVE FUN! no matter the weather, with a positive attitude you’re sure to have a great time!

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