8 Sep 2016

Freshers basics for £5

So much to do, so many new people to meet! Being a Fresher can take it’s toll be prepared and you will come out the other end in one piece.

Here’s a list of basics worth having!

Fresher’s survival kit – the basics for £5:
• Paracetamol – you’ll need them for at least one of your hangovers. (in-store only)
• Cold and flu remedy – you’ll be lucky to escape ‘Fresher’s Flu’.
• Wipes – quick freshen up between parties.
• Energy drinks – they’re a lot cheaper from Poundland.
• Condoms – Promise this is the only time we’ll say be sensible.

Fresher’s social kit – make friends easily!
• Glow sticks – with 20 per pack there’s plenty to go round.
• Gum – have a pack handy, you will be surprised how many people will flock for your ice!
• Fancy dress – you do know freshers week is basically a fancy dress party every night?
• Cocktail fishbowl – For those legendary house parties.
• Alcho pong – Great game to help create relationships with your fellow housemates.

All these are available at Poundland, in-store and online

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