Gardening with the children

Apr 11 2014

Gardening with the children

Gardening is a fun activity which the children love getting involved in. Not only is it fun but they also have the opportunity to see their plants bloom over time. We visited The Cooperative Childcare, Wellington Road Nursery to explore gardening activities with the children and here’s what they got up to.


We planted sunflower seeds, flower bulbs and strawberry plants all with our amazing £1 products. We also watered the plants and used labels to keep track of who planted each plant. They had so much enthusiasm and really enjoyed working with the gardening range.


To get the children gardening, you can:

  1. Personalise the plant by using a cute planter. Fill with compost
  2. Let the children plant their seeds into the compost by digging a little hole 2cm deep and then covering the seed with the compost
  3. Have them water their seeds well using a watering can and then watch as their flowers bloom

You can also get the children involved in decorating the garden with ornaments. At Poundland we have a variety, from gnomes to windmills, why not check out our Gardening range online.

IMG_0922 - Copy

Our customers love to share their gardening photos with us, if you have purchased a product from Poundland and are having a great success, share your story with us and we will print them on our social media and blog.

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