Glow in the dark nails

Dec 11 2013

Glow in the dark nails

glowinthedark-bottlesThis step by step guide is to help achieve glow in the dark nails.  In a nutshell the nail is painted in the desired colour, turn the lights off and voila! What we particularly love is that it takes just £1 to get this look (again and again).

glowinthedarkYou will need Pretty glow in the dark nail varnish  available in Poundland. There are three colours to choose from; yellow, green and orange. For this step by step we have used green.

Glow in the Dark

  1. Apply one coat of glow in the dark nail varnish to clean dry nails.
  2. Wait until nail varnish is dry and apply a second coat.
  3. Watch your nails glow in the dark!

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