Great tips for a Healthy & Happy Pregnancy

Apr 28 2014

Great tips for a Healthy & Happy Pregnancy

HoldingBabyPregnancy is truly amazing, no doubt there, anyone can vouch for that.

Whether you’re a proud, first time mum-to-be, or an accomplished parent, every women wants to pledge to do everything possible to protect & nourish the little miracle growing at ever increasing speed inside them.

Folic Acid

  • Despite being the size of a little lime, just 12 weeks after conception your baby is fully formed and has all it’s organs, muscles, limbs and bones.
  • Remember to follow the advice of health care professionals and consume 400mcg of folic acid, daily BOTH 3 months prior to conception AND during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Up to 72% of Neural Tube Defects (such as spina bifida) could be prevented if all women followed these guidelines, so be sure to get your supplies in!


  • Baby Bump WaterBaby

    Aim to drink at least 1 litre of nonalcoholic, caffeine free drinks a day. This increased water intake can help to alleviate many of those all too common pregnancy woes, including constipation and haemorrhoids, plus it helps to prepare your body for the numerous physiological changes which lie ahead.

  • Approximately 88% of breast milk is made up of water so if you’re considering breastfeeding, it’s essential to ‘keep up’ your hydration levels in order to match your baby’s ever increasing dietary demands.

Morning Sickness

  • If you’re one of the unfortunate women who are plagued by morning (or even all day) sickness, rest assured you’re not alone! If the combination of persistent nausea & fluctuating eating habits have left you feeling somewhat off colour why not ‘think ginger’! For generations this natural remedy has been renowned for helping to sooth sickness, so why not give ginger drinks or biscuits a whirl!
  • If you’re having a particularly bad day, it may be worth sticking to cold meals rather than hot ones, because they don’t give off the smells that cooked ones do, which can often make your sickness worse.
  • Many women also find it more palatable to eat small amounts of food throughout the day rather than struggling with fewer large meals.


  • Baby and Mum WaterBabyThe number one rule is ‘listen to your body.’ You may rush around like ‘Super Mum’ but never be afraid to slow things down a little & ask for some much needed help (or a power nap for that matter)!
  • Eating well & regularly can also be key factors in helping you feel a little more energised & comfortable. That said it’s worth considering if you’re getting enough B vitamins in your daily diet. These nutrients are known to help reduce tiredness & assist the body to release energy from the foods we consume – great credentials for nurturing those ever expanding baby bumps!

WaterBaby helps provide refreshing, ‘pill free’ nutritional support and hydration throughout pregnancy. Why not give our drinks a go & try each of our 3 delicious flavours, each designed to make caring for yourself & your baby effortless & enjoyable! After all you deserve it – being a mum-to-be is one of the most rewarding….. yet exhausting jobs going! To find out more about WaterBaby visit


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