Grow your own cherry tomatoes

Feb 13 2014

Grow your own cherry tomatoes

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How To Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes can be done indoors with our handy seed starter kit.

What You Will Need

PVC GlovesTomato Seed KitWatering Can

Each tomato seed kit contains 50 seeds, compost and a propagator

What To Do

  1. Empty the compost into the propagator and water lightly with a watering can. The soil just needs to be moist, not waterlogged.
  2. Sow the tomato seeds 5mm into the compost.
  3. Cover the seed tray with the propagator lid.
  4. Keep the propagator in a warm place with plenty of sunlight for the seeds to grow.
  5. Water them regularly ensuring that the soil remains moist.
  6. After a week or 2, the seedlings will begin to show. When this happens, move the tray to a warm, well lit place which is away from direct sunlight.
  7. Remove any condensation from the propagator lid.
  8. Approximately 4 to 8 weeks after planting, the tomato plant will be ready to move to a larger pot. You can do this by hand carefully by easing out the roots.
  9. Once the weather has improved and there is no longer any risk of frost, the tomato plant can be moved outside or into a growing bag.


  • Cherry Tomatoes handCherry tomatoes love sunlight. Give them at least 8 hours of sunshine everyday.
  • Leave enough room for the plants to grow, they won’t flourish if crowded.
  • When they’re bigger, keep your plant healthy by removing any dead leaves at the bottom.


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