Grow Your Own Potatoes

Apr 2 2014

Grow Your Own Potatoes

February – May is the ideal time to plant your potato seeds in time for harvest. Potatoes can be roasted, mashed, made into chips or jacket potatoes. Here’s how to grow your own.

What You Will Need


  1. Fill the potato growing bag one-third full with compost.
  2. Plant your seeds into the compost with most sprouts facing upwards and about 1ft apart. More than one growing bag will be needed if you’re growing many potatoes.
  3. Cover the potato seeds with compost until the bag is half full. Water the compost and place in a bright area.
  4. Continue to cover the potatoes and bury stems with compost as potato foliage grows. Do this until the bag is full.
  5. The foliage will start to turn yellow in August which signals that the crop is ready. Empty the bag and clean your potatoes to cook and eat!


  • Water the potatoes regularly when tubers begin to form
  • Potatoes grow best in loose soil which is well watered.
  • Dig out the potatoes on a dry day and carefully so that tubers are not punctured.
  • Washing potatoes reduces storage life so only wash them before use.

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