Growing Cress Heads

Jul 12 2016

Growing Cress Heads


These cress heads are fun for kids to put together and grow incredibly quickly, so your kids will have a family of cress heads on their windowsill in 7-10 days.

You can use eggshells or empty yoghurt pots, and decorate them to look like friends and family.

When the cress has grown a few inches, cut it off and enjoy in an egg sandwich for lunch!

What you need:
• A pack of cress seeds
• Empty yoghurt pots or eggshells
• Kitchen roll
• Cotton wool
• Paints and glitter to decorate the heads

What to do:
1. Decorate and add features to your cress head pot or eggshell before you plant the seeds, maybe styling it on yourself or a family member!
2. Wet some kitchen roll and put it in the bottom of your head, then wet some cotton wool and place on top of the kitchen roll. Leave a 3cm gap between the cotton wool and the top of the eggshell or pot
3. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cress seeds onto the wet cotton wool, and press down gently with your finger
4. Place the cress heads in a warm place, exposed to daylight and wait for your seeds to grown into tiny, delicious bushes of cress!

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