18 Jun 2014

How to create a hanging basket

Keep your garden looking colourful with our hanging basket flower bulbs (20 pack).

What You Will Need

Hanging Basket   79459_1Hanging Basket Flower Bulbs 20 PackGloves and Scissor Set15lts compost £1Small watering can


Our Hanging basket bulb flowers contain 20bulbs in each pack.

What To Do

Follow the instructions on the hanging basket bulbs.

  1. Place the hanging basket on a bucket for stability.
  2. Poke a few holes into the plastic lining for drainage.
  3. Fill the basket halfway with compost.
  4. Ease the flowers out of the propagator and place into the hanging basket.
  5. Once all of the flowers are in the basket, add compost.
  6. Hang the basket outside on a sturdy bracket.
  7. Using a watering can, water the plants evenly until water drips out of the drainage holes.


  • Place the hanging basket outside when there is no frosty or windy weather.
  • Hanging baskets can dry out quickly so water them daily.
  • Put the basket in an area where it will receive a lot of sunlight.
  • If the weather is cool and damp, reduce the amount of watering and wait until it’s hotter to water it thoroughly.

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