28 Nov 2016

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees bring the festivity home and are fun to decorate with family! Watch our video for an easy how-to guide on decorating your Christmas tree.

We’ve used our Deck The Halls theme in this video and all decorations are £1 each.


  1. Put together the tree and fluff out the branches
  2. Unravel the lights and plug them in
  3. Zig Zag the lights up the tree starting from the base, where they will be seen. Add tinsel in the same way if you choose
  4. Leave the lights on so you can see the lights are placed evenly
  5. If you wish to add tinsel, wrap the tinsel around the tree starting from the bottom as you did with the lights
  6. Start decorating the tree with the larger sized baubles, placing them on from top to bottom. Mix the different styles and colours to create variation
  7. Use smaller baubles to fill gaps and use bauble clips for any baubles without ribbon
  8. Finally, add the tree topper
  9. For the bottom of the tree, why not wrap some boxes with the co-ordinated gift wrap or use gift bags to complete the look?

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