How To Throw a Kickin’ Football Party

Jun 3 2014

How To Throw a Kickin’ Football Party

It’s that time again where the football frenzy heats up and we find ourselves engrossed in the game. We can’t predict who’ll win but you’ll all have a ball with these tips.

  1. 111085Every party needs to have decorations in order to stand out. Create the football party atmosphere with these England balloons.
  2. 111084Really bring the game home and show your support with this inflatable hand. It’ll make a bold accessory to your outfit.
  3. 17819Entertainment and snacks go hand in hand. Everyone can enjoy some tasty nibbles whilst they anticipate the next goal.
  4. 79522All of that shouting at the TV, whether it’s in joy or disappointment, is bound to make everyone thirsty. Our range of soft drinks will quench their thirst and keep them going.
  5. 111080Let this hand-clapper do all of the clapping for you whilst you enjoy the snacks and drinks. You can cheer a goal without having to put your crisps down.
  6. 6629If you want to really make a statement this horn will surely grab everyone’s attention. You’ll definitely be the loudest cheerer when a goal is scored.
  7. 6637Parties are a great opportunity to dress up and with this England flag wig you’ll surely shine.
  8. 4074If you want to step it up a notch, use face paint to make a statement.
  9. 111076It wouldn’t be a footy party without some flags! We have a range of types available whether they’re for your balcony, car or to hold and wave.
  10. 5618The children will want some entertainment too and they can keep up the footy spirit by having their own football match.




Poundland has an amazing value Football Party range, take a look! If you have any ideas you would like to share, leave a reply below.

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