How To Wrap A Christmas Gift

Nov 10 2015

How To Wrap A Christmas Gift

Make wrapping presents fun this year and wow your friends and family with your new wrapping skills.

For beautifully wrapped gifts we’ve used our high quality 3m gift wrap which is 60gsm genuine Kraft paper! You can buy our luxury gift wrap in store for the amazing value price of only £1.



  1. Start by placing the gift on the wrapping paper ensuring you have enough to go all the way round and cut the paper.
  2. Cut off any excess paper by also measuring the paper against the height of the box so that the edges of the paper meet the edges of the box.
  3. Place the gift in the centre of the paper and pull either side up and tape in place.
  4. Fold in the wrapping paper from the sides and crease the top and bottom. Make the edges of the paper look neater by also folding them in. Tape one fold over the other to secure your gift wrap. Repeat this on the other side.
  5. To add the ribbon leave the gift bottom side up. Measure the ribbon 4 times over the gift so you have enough for the bow. Pull the ribbon up to the top, cross over and pull down over the other two sides and turn over.
  6. Thread each end under the piece of ribbon at the top and tightly tie a knot and a bow.
  7. To make your gift even more special why not add mini baubles, bells or other decorations.

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