Kids Lunch Box Tips

Aug 31 2016

Kids Lunch Box Tips

It’s that time of the year again where the kids go back to school!

You can get all their back to school essentials, from stationery to notepads and lunchware at amazing value from Poundland.

Dreading lunch preparation? Here are our lunchbox tips to help you out.

1. Keep lunch boxes easy (for parents) and healthy for kids – kids will get bored of having the same options every day so planning their lunches in advance will make life much easier for you. Use a lunch planning chart or diary to keep track of each day or week and alternate between different types of sandwiches, fruit and veg.

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2. Make sandwiches the night before – keep them fresh in the fridge overnight and save yourself from the morning rush and panic when getting the kids ready.

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3. Fun for the kids – get creative and make their lunch fun to eat by cutting their cheese into a star or heart shape, write a funny message on banana skin and put other fruit such as berries in colourful cupcake cases.

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4. Keep perishable food such as yogurt cool and fresh by covering and placing a bottle of frozen water into the lunchbox.

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5. Portion sizes and consistency – If your child has a small appetite, pack half a sandwich instead of a whole one and add more healthy snacks. Also check if the ingredients used are easy to eat. If they’re too sticky or dry, that may be what’s putting them off eating their sandwiches.

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6. Treat them once a week – Sometimes kids get distracted and don’t finish their lunch. Bring some excitement and giving them something to look forward to by adding chocolate or sweets to their lunchbox at the end of the week. This can act as a reward to and motivate them to keep eating their lunch each day.

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7. Label the lunchbox – we’ve got plenty of labels you can buy in-store to stick onto the kids’ lunchboxes to stop them from getting mixed up with anyone else’s.

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