Looking after your lawn

May 12 2014

Looking after your lawn

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With spring here it’s time to take care of the lawn. The cold and wet weather will have left it neglected and in poor condition however with our tips the grass will be greener on your side!


Lawn feeding/fertilising

  • Feeding the lawn will make the grass greener, thicker and stronger.
  • Restore the grass with lawn seeds in any areas where there are bare patches.
  • With a well fed lawn, weeds and moss are less likely to grow.
  • Cover the area evenly with lawn feeder. If you need to, re-apply after 6 weeks to keep your lawn healthy all summer.

Removing Weeds and Moss

  • 64970Weed and moss are a result of poor lawn health and growth. Lawn feeder will improve the condition and density of the soil and so prevent them from appearing.
  • Use a weed killer to remove weeds.
  • Areas which are predominantly covered with shade will need more lawn feed to prevent moss.
  • Areas which are walked on or played on frequently are more likely to have moss. Encourage healthy growth by feeding those areas.


  • 17045_1Over-seeding helps to recover the lawn as fertility and vigour decreases over time.
  • Spring and September are good months for over-seedng. Grass seed needs a soil temperature of at least 7°C and frequent rainfall.
  • It’s best to over-seed after mowing the lawn to prevent competition from older grass.
  • Spread the seeds evenly to maintain an even colour and growth all over the lawn.
  • Lightly rake the soil as this allows the seeds to make contact with the soil and germinate.


  • Regular mowing will keep your lawn fresh and healthy.
  • As the weather is warmer, the lawn will need frequent maintaining and the grass needs to be between 2-6cm high depending on the location.
  • If your lawn is prone to wear and tear, a height of 5cm is best suited. If your lawn is mostly covered with shade, a height of about 7cm is better.
  • Ensure that you don’t mow lawn too short as this can damage the grass and encourage weed and moss growth.

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