4 Jul 2016

Meet Our Make Up Gallery Ambassadors!

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We are so excited to present our new Make Up Gallery ambassadors!

These ambassadors will be providing you with nail and make-up tips, tricks and inspiration using our amazing Make Up Gallery products!

Here they are…


Lisa BeautyLisa 

“I am passionate about beauty and make up. I really enjoy blogging and reviewing make up products which include high street, and high-end brands. I also love to go all out and create make up designs for my portfolio.”






Nicola WoodNikky 

“My name is Nikky and I am 24 years old. The Nikky diaries is my little place on the internet where I like to share my thoughts on beauty products, ramble about my favourite things, and be creative. Put on some red lipstick and live a little.”







Nicola Moss croppedNicola

“My name is Nicola and I am a mummy of 3 children, including identical twin boys. I have a family lifestyle blog where I like to write about fashion, beauty and home related topics. Since having my twins, I am just getting back into looking after me, and experimenting with makeup and fashion ideas.”





Bexz WalkerBexz 

“I am a 30 something UK lifestyle blogger, journalist & author. Voted in the top 100 UK food bloggers and published in The Daily Mail, Reuters, Prima Magazine, and many more. I love food, make up & beauty products, travel, technology & tea. I  have a collection of cosmetics that would make any woman weep in delight. For some women it’s shoes… For me, it’s make up…”





Charli BruceCharli

Charli is a beauty & lifestyle blogger who lives in the heart of London, she is obsessed with lipstick and highlighters. Has worked in the hair & beauty industry for the last 14 years and has a daughter who is quickly following in her footsteps.






If you are interested in becoming a Make Up Gallery Ambassador, please APPLY HERE.

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