Mermaid Face Paint How-To

Oct 16 2018

Mermaid Face Paint How-To

Halloween dress up doesn’t have to be all blood and gore, why not become a mermaid this Halloween?! Here’s how to get the look using our Mermaid face paint kit.

  1. Apply your makeup as usual. we’ve gone for pink and purple eyeshadow with black eyeliner and pink lipstick
  2. Create mermaid scales by stretching fishnet tights over your skin and applying the pink face paint. The fishnets will create the shapes needed for the scale effect. Do this on your forehead, along cheekbones, on chin and anywhere else you want scales
  3. Apply the black face paint over the top half of your scales to darken the pink and create a slight ombre effect
  4. Apply glitter onto your scales to make them shimmer

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