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May 12 2015

How to make an iced coffee

Follow these easy steps to make your own iced coffee – you don’t need any fancy equipment either!

Mar 16 2015

10 Quick Tips For Better Laundry

Cleaning dirty laundry needn’t be a hassle anymore when you follow these 10 tips to keep your clothes looking their best.

Mar 16 2015

8 Common Laundry Problems

Washing laundry is not always simple and sometime clothes end up with bobbling or faded colour. This post discusses why common laundry problems happen and how to prevent them.

Mar 16 2015

The Benefits of Fabric Softeners

Most people think fabric conditioners are just there to make clothes feel soft and smell nice…but they do far more than this!

Mar 16 2015

A-Z of Stain Removal

Not all stains are removed with normal washing and so here are some tips on how to remove many different types of staining.

Feb 20 2015

Easter craft videos

Watch our videos to see what you can create using our Easter make your own kits.

Feb 2 2015

You’re My…

Fancy a hot drink with Mr. Grey? Watch our video and see what happens when the mug gets hot…

Jan 30 2015

What to do in the Garden in February

We’re closer to spring this month and with the days becoming lighter for longer, the increased sunlight means that gardens can be prepared for the season ahead.

Jan 29 2015

Valentine’s Day Ideas

You can still have a lovely day and show your sweetheart how much you care with these low cost Valentine’s Day ideas…

Jan 23 2015

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