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Oct 18 2018

Cartoon Faces Pumpkins

A fun way of getting the kids involved with Halloween.

Oct 18 2018

Unicorn Pumpkins

Bring something different and magical to your Halloween decorations with these Unicorn pumpkins.

Oct 18 2018

Glitter Pumpkins

These glitter pumpkins are an easy way to spruce up your Halloween decorations and they look so pretty too! You Will Need Pumpkins White paint PVA Glue Glitter What To Do Paint your pumpkin white and leave to dry. Use PVA glue to paint circles, stripes or large areas on the pumpkin where you want […]

Oct 18 2018

Colourful Melted Wax Pumpkins

The kids will love seeing the wax melt to create these colourful and artsy pumpkins! Here’s how easy they are to make. You Will Need Pumpkins Paint Wax crayons Hairdryer What To Do Paint your pumpkin white and leave to dry. Remove any paper coverings on the wax crayons. Take one crayon at a time […]

Oct 17 2018

Halloween Skull In Cage How-To

Spook your guests out with this hypnotic skull. Here’s how to make your own.

Oct 17 2018

Halloween Bird In Cage How-To

Make your own haunted birdcage in a few easy steps.

Oct 16 2018

Pop Art Face Paint How-To

Get this look for only £5!

Oct 16 2018

Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

Find out how to get this Maleficent look for less than £10.

Oct 16 2018

Mermaid Face Paint How-To

Become a Mermaid this Halloween with our Mermaid face paint kit.

Oct 1 2018

Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party needn’t be a nightmare with these ideas and our Halloween range.

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