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Oct 16 2018

Mermaid Face Paint How-To

Become a Mermaid this Halloween with our Mermaid face paint kit.

Oct 1 2018

Halloween Party Ideas

Throwing a Halloween party needn’t be a nightmare with these ideas and our Halloween range.

Oct 1 2018

Pretzel Spiders Recipe

These pretzel spiders will be crawling their way into everyone’s stomach at your Halloween party. 

Oct 1 2018

Eyeball Cupcakes Recipes

Turn ordinary cupcakes into an eyeful dessert with these few easy steps.

Oct 1 2018

Bloody Sausage Fingers Recipe

These sausage fingers are a bloody gory treat for the monsters at your party!

Oct 1 2018

Gravestone Flurries Recipe

Bring the graveyard to your Halloween party with these easy to make Gravestone Flurries.

Oct 1 2018

Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

Here are a few tips on staying safe when Trick or Treating this Halloween.

Sep 30 2018

Gruesome Zip Face Halloween Face Paint

Ouch this looks so painful it’ll make anyone’s stomach turn! Get this look with ouir Halloween zip kit.

Sep 30 2018

Skull Face Paint Step-by-Step

Recreate this spooky Skull face paint with this step-by-step guide.

Sep 30 2018

Day of The Dead Face Paint Step-by-Step

A Halloween face paint for something colourful and not so gory.

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