Party Glam with Ferne McCann

Nov 4 2017

Party Glam with Ferne McCann

Want some ideas on how to glam up your makeup for the party season? Ferne is here to help!

  1. Start off your look by applying foundation to create a flawless base
  2. Apply concealer under your eyes to cover any dark circles and even out skin tone
  3. Lightly brush some pressed powder onto your face to set your base
  4. Contour and define by using your brush to create a motion like the number three along your temple, cheekbone and jawline
  5. Brush some pressed powder onto your eyelids to set a base before applying eyeshadow
  6. Apply some blusher onto your cheekbone but make sure it’s a soft colour because you’ll be adding a bold lipstick on later!
  7. Lightly sweep some highlighter along cheekbones to add a beautiful glow
  8. Define eyebrows using our All About The Brow kit. We’ve blended in the two darker shades to create this colour
  9. Use the eyeshadow duo kit to do your eye makeup by applying the lighter colour onto your eyelids and the darker colour along the crease
  10. Apply eyeliner using black liquid eyeliner and add a winged flick onto the outer corners of each eye
  11. Apply mascara onto your lashes before applying your favourite pair of false eyelashes
  12. Use red lip liner to outline the lips and colour them in before applying lipstick in shade deep red using a brush
  13. Add some shine with cherry pop lip gloss
  14. Apply translucent pressed powder onto your t zone to set your makeup again and reduce shine
  15. We’re nearly done but we have to add some glitter to make this party look really sparkle! Apply some glitter eyeliner over your black eyeliner to complete this look

And that’s your party glam with Ferne McCann!

Makeup used – all £1 each

  • Gorgeous Flawless Foundation
  • Hide and Chic Concealer
  • Good To Glow Bronzer – Medium/Matte
  • Good To Glow Bronzer – Medium/Shimmer
  • Good to Glow Highlighting Powder – Pearl Shimmer
  • All About The Brow Eyebrow Kit
  • Blusher – Soft Blush
  • Do The Duo Eyeshadow – Nutmeg
  • Pro Liquid Eyeliner – Black
  • Pump Up The Volume Mascara
  • Pout It Out Lip Liner – Red
  • All About The Pout Lipstick – Deep Red
  • Shine On Lipgloss – Cherry Pop

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