RSPB Birdwatch – How to make a bird feeder

Jan 7 2016

RSPB Birdwatch – How to make a bird feeder

Bird FeederIt’s the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch weekend this month! They are encouraging people to take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch survey by spending an hour over the weekend of 30th-31st January and counting the birds in your garden.

To get prepared for the day you can make this easy bird feeder (see picture) simply with a few items, and attract birds in no time!

You will need:


  1. Empty a water bottle and remove the label.
  2. We have used wooden spoons for our bird perches, carefully cut two small holes and push the spoons through and out the other side.
  3. For the feeding holes we made small holes about 5cm above the perch and cut away the pieces of plastic ensuring that the holes were small enough for the birds to get the feed but not too big that it pours out.
  4. For the hanger we tied twine around the lip of the lid twice for security.
  5. Finally, to add the bird feed we took the lid off and used a funnel to pour feed into the bottle. Close the bottle.

Hang your feeder on a tree and wait for the birds to feed!

You can buy bird seed, bird food and more to get prepared for your Bird watch from Poundland all for £1 each.

Find out more information online and register to take part in Birdwatch weekend at

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