3 May 2017

Small Bathroom Ideas


Are you struggling for space but want to make your small bathroom more useful and attractive? Here are five ideas to help.

Keep the room bright

Do you have a shower curtain that’s blocking out sunlight or is your bathroom a dull colour? Light is essential to making the room appear spacious and attractive. Have glass shower doors so that natural sunlight can still come in. Paint the walls a light colour such as white to brighten up the bathroom.

Add an accent colour

A splash of colour will make the bathroom feel more vibrant and homely rather than plain and clinical. Why not paint one wall a cool blue colour? Or you could opt for a coloured showerscreen!

bathroom_accessoriesAdd shelves

Create more storage space without making your bathroom feel cramped. Shelves are perfect for placing folded towels onto as well as other necessities such as toothbrush holders and toiletries.


Mirrors are every room’s best friend! Not only are they useful for getting ready but they also reflect light and make the room look bigger. Whether you’re going for a wall of mirrors or placing a few on the shelves they’re a must-have for the bathroom.

Decorate and accessorise

With our new home range you create a beautifully accessoried bathroom without breaking your budget. Coastal, seaside themes are very popular and you can recreate them with our aquatic ornaments and seashell jars.

Our new Bathroom range is available to buy in-store which includes towels, ornaments and loads more for only £1 each!

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