30 Sep 2018

Spooky Cartoon Face Paint Step-by-Step

Want to confuse and freak out your Halloween party guests? The exaggerated and drawn on features make this face paint very effective.

147952 Spooky Make Up Female

Step 1: Using our Spooky Make Up Kit, use the white paint to cover your entire face including the neck. Paint two, large black circles to outline where the drawn-on eyes will be. Fill circles with white face paint.

Step 2: Paint one medium black circle at the beginning of your brow bone on the right eye, and one small black circle on the arch of your eyebrow on the left brow (this creates the illusion of both eyes looks up).

Step 3: Using the black face paint, draw thick eyelashes on the top and thinner eyelashes on the bottom of each eye.

Step 4: Use the yellow face paint to paint an upside-down heart shape on and around the tip of the nose. Outline this shape with black face paint.

Step 5: Paint lips with red face paint and also overdraw them to make them look bigger. Outline drawn-on lips with black face paint and also extend the line along the corners of the mouth. Create a stitched mouth effect using the green crayon.

Step 6: Complete your look by using fake blood to create a dripping, bloody tear.

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